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Like I said, women are better at this.  If you
go into a bar and see a beautiful woman and say,
“You are beautiful,” she will probably say, “Thanks!”

But if a woman says to a man, “I think you are
really handsome,” most men will immediately say,
“You’re pretty hot yourself!”

This may sound like no big deal… but I am
telling you that there is another, much deeper
level of experience when you can become excellent
at receiving and appreciating… while making NO
effort to return the gift in that moment.

And receiving gratefully and fully is the
best way to return the honor and the pleasure
to the giver.

Maybe you are already good at this… but if
you are nodding at what I’m saying right now,
try this:

Experiment with your woman in just giving her
a nice massage.  Explain to her that you will NOT
be exchanging massages.  Explain that you want
her to become good at just receiving.  Her feeling
good and feeling appreciated is the ONLY thing you
want in return.

See how it goes.  Might be easy, might be hard,
depending on what type of person you are and what
type of person she is…  If it’s hard, you will
have learned something very valuable.

Next step… Tell her that you want her to
give YOU a massage.  Or ask for some other thing
you want… anything from a cooking a special dinner
to a sexual favor.

Again, this is not an exchange, in return you can only
express gratitude and give praise for how good she made
you feel.

Again, see how it goes.  Does she have trouble
GIVING to you?  Do you have trouble RECEIVING
from her?  Did you have trouble even ASKING HER

You can’t believe how much you can learn from
this simple exercise about your self and your

Becoming excellent at both of these things is
going to be a huge step in becoming a more
passionate and powerful lover… and a huge step
in leading her into the same place with you.

3.  Learn To Touch With Passion And Connection

Touching with passion… putting your hands
on her body with intention, connection, and
presence… is one of the most powerful ways to
arouse the wild-side in any woman.

Becoming good at touching will make her melt
into your arms, it will build intimacy and sexual
trust, and it will bring her to more frequent and
more powerful orgasms.

How’s that for a lot of motivations for
learning this?

And since you are going to be giving her a
massage anyway, here’s the best place to practice
and see for yourself exactly what I’m talking about.

Got any good massage moves?  Know any good
little techniques for giving a good back rub?

When I was 18 or so, I remember that the
shoulder rub was the big “ice-breaker” for first
touching a girl who you were interested in… so
I learned a few moves that would make most girls
go, “mmmm” when I rubbed their shoulders.

Usually it didn’t lead to anything but being
more comfortable together… but sometimes it was
the first step before asking to her to “hang out,”
and eventually maybe end up fooling around.

So maybe you picked up a few good moves
yourself along the way… maybe you’ve even had
some professional massages and have some of the
moves memorized.

(As a side note, if you’ve never had a
professional massage, you should.  It feels great,
it’s good for your health, it’ll put a big smile
on your face, AND you will learn a lot about how
touch and pleasure can go together without any
sexuality involved).

Okay, so begin by giving your girl a message.
Plan to spend at least an hour on it.  If you don’t
own massage oil, fix that situation immediately.

Begin by doing some of the “massage moves”
that you already know.  The ones you know work.
Knead the length of the muscles and across the

If you’re like most people, you will almost
certainly do this symmetrically… doing the
same thing on one side as the other.

After you do that for a while, I want you to
try something completely different.

Just lay your hands on her skin, close your
eyes, and just feel with the pressure of your
fingers, into her muscles, tendons, and bones.

Listen for a message from her body.  Listen
to what it needs.  See if you can feel it talking
to you.

I know this sounds weird, but just go with me
on this.  When you are ready begin to work very
slowly and get completely TUNED in to the feedback
you are getting from your fingers.

You can open your eyes now, or leave them
closed, but either way…

Do NOT allow yourself to get distracted by any
external thoughts.  Focus all of your attention
and all of your thoughts on your touch.  Feel your
way into the muscle like a blind man finding his
way through an unfamiliar space.

Focus on sending love and healing into her
muscles and focus on what the muscle is telling
you it needs.

Don’t worry about being systematic or about
how long or short a time you spend in one area,
or what part you should work on next…
just focus in on that touch completely.

And then allow yourself to focus on how she
is responding.

I’m going to BET that while this might have
sounded weird, that the result is going to
speak for itself.

It may sound like new-age mumbo-jumbo, but
she will FEEL your presence and intention.

When you’re ready for the next level, touch
her for YOUR pleasure.  What feels good to your
fingers and palms.  How much can you enjoy the
gliding texture of the oil on her skin and muscles?

Again, notice how she responds to this kind
of touching.

This is school for learning to touch in bed.

Master this.  Tune in to her body.  And then
ask her later how she experienced it.

Unless she has major problems with “Receiving”
(which will then be something you know you guys
need to work on), she is going to tell you that
she felt like heaven.  She is going to tell you
that nobody has ever touched her that way before.

Bring that skill, that intense presence, that
devotion, and that ability to give and receive
into bed with you the next time you make love
and you will see a slow but powerful and real
progress towards unleashing her wild side.

Now, obviously, this is just the beginning.

You can’t learn to run before you learn to

But you’ve got to learn this stuff.  It is the
foundation that, if well placed and constructed,
will let you build your relationship into an
incredible tower that reaches to the sky.

If you are dating and you have these simple
skills under your belt, the women you become
romantically involved with won’t even believe
their luck…

But if you have fallen for a woman who is
naturally shy and reserved…

Or you have a girlfriend who has some issues
around sex and trust…

Or if you are in a relationship for years
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