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Are Tummy Tuck Belts Miracle Pill for Abs?

If you have been watching commercials late at night, you may have encountered the infamous Tummy Tuck Belt System commercial. Comes around claims to help you lose an entire inch of belly fat within one month of use guaranteed.I found the entire commercial a bit too good to be true being an action orientated individual who was totally desperate to reduce belly fat, I took the plunge and purchased the belt. The belt arrived within 7 days after ordering it for anyone came with a thermal cream that is used in conjunction with the belt.

It needs all but 10 minutes of daily use for you lower your waistline by an entire inch within a month – so it transactions. I was intrigued by the short amount of time that it required but i also realized that their marketing angle was almost like selling a magic pill for abdominal fat lossThe instructions state you first apply the cream to all your belly and then set the tummy tuck belt your belly and strap upward tight. After getting the belt properly situated, tummy control belt the following step is to begin doing two full minutes of abdominal crunches and exercise if you feel anywhere up to it. You are imagined to use the belt every single single day of the week the entire month to get the one inch reduction inside your waist line.

I also found another commercial that used an excellent Study without any actual name mentioned of the university where the study took place that showed two groups of people that exercised and followed exact sneakers exact diet. One group wore the tummy tuck belt while the other group did not wear one. At the conclusion of the study the group that wore the tummy tuck belt lost double the total amount of inches of their waistline than the group that did not wear the belt Of course this does not necessarily validate that the belt works because it never provide any credentials associated with a true clinical read through.Overall, it seems like there is some truth to the claims made in the “As Seen on TV” infomercials but nonetheless if it motivates an individual enough to get off their behind and start exercising even for 2 minutes a day, well then it’s a job well accomplished.