Gambling Addiction Causes & Symptoms

Gamblers used to trek to Las Vegas or the Atlantic City in order to find some real action they crave for. Now, the scenario is changed completely. Gamblers can find the real thrill in their hometowns these days.Today, legalized gambling has become one of their rapid growing industries in America. The ever growing popularity of this game has made most people related to this industry make a lot of money.

Unfortunately, gambling has become a type of addiction for most people who are involved in this game. People may look at this game as a pleasure seeking behavior but sometimes, it becomes really difficult to get rid of this activity or even avoid a certain type of emotional pain. In a wider perspective, addiction to gambling is a type of behavior that results in major disruptions in any area of life.
One can suffer in one’s physical, social or even vocational area.According to the American Psychological Association, compulsive gambling can be categorized or pokerlounge99 referred to as a type of mental disorder of impulse control. It is also referred to as a type of chronic & progressive disease that’s both diagnosable & treatable. According to a research, about to percent of Americans have already developed a gambling addiction.Here

are some of causes of addictive gambling:The causes of pathological gambling are not known yet. However, researches have made many observations & came to the following conclusions:a Excess exposure to gambling under certain circumstances in which it is valued. b A greater capacity for self deception.c State of feeling intolerable such as depression, helplessness or guilt.An addicted gambler would exhibit the following symptoms:a Lyingb Stealing moneyc Excessive borrowing of money.d

Loss of control Greater risk of significant The state of preoccupation occurs when the gambler constantly thinks about gambling. The individual may recall his or her experience in the past. The life of the gambler gets restricted to gambling & different way to acquire money for gambling. The gambler in this phase may spend money that’s meant for some other purposes in order to fulfill the satisfaction gained by gambling.