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Numcheap worldpress hosting reviews

I have registered my domains on Namecheap for a while now because it’s cheap. One of my favorite features is that Whoisguard is included for free when registering a new domain.

Recently, Namecheap proposed a managed WordPress hosting solution called EasyWP, which is in beta at the time of writing. Just yesterday, when I decided to launch Site, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try.
There are good reasons to use a managed WordPress hosting service, one of which is superior performance. A fast loading website is essential and WordPress has particular problems in this department. Before installing anything, I decided to do some Pingdom Tools tests and see how fast the default installation was loaded.

Pingdom tool test results

Okay, it’s a pretty small page size, but it’s still a very respectable result. We’ll see how that changes when I add add-ons, themes, and content.

One thing to keep in mind is that my default installation already had the Varnish HTTP Purge plugin installed. Obviously, the EasyWP team uses Varnish Cache, which makes a lot of sense.

It was now time to adjust my new page. I installed the award-winning theme Stylish topics and children’s theme that I had already prepared. I created a logo and made the page beautiful.

Then I did what I did in all my places, I installed WP-Rocket. I spent some time experimenting with my settings, but the loading times on my page were actually slower than before when I added the cache plugin.

It seems logical that my first version concerns this experience. I intend to add to this version over time and document my experiences with this new service. Today, I will cover my experience with EasyWP configuration.
Let’s go hunting, you will not find a better deal! EasyWP starts at $ 8.88 a year, with a renewal price of $ 48.88 a year. Compare this to other managed WordPress hosting packages and it’s just amazing. The very popular WpEngine starts at $ 29 / month.

Drop the $ 8.88 for my experience was just obvious. I did not even read the fine print or go through the details, I just thought, what the world, let’s try. So it’s in beta, it’s good. If that does not work, I can move the site to another location.

Best hosting

After paying for the service and logged in, it was time to assign a domain to the account. It was as simple as selecting a domain already registered with NamEcheap. Fast, easy and easy.

The option to assign a domain to another registrar is also available, but as is registered in Namecheap, I did not have to solve it.

Once done, it was very easy to start the installation process of WordPress, and literally 5 minutes after paying for the hosting service, I had a new installation of WordPress. It was now time to connect.
Uh … Something is wrong her .After installing WordPress, I received an e-mail with my new access data. I clicked on the email link and instead of the default bluehost coupon WordPress login page I had a 404 error page.