Valentines Day blossom of Love with Valentines Day, Easter and Chinese New Year

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, there’s an avalanche of advice and information about how and where to find the perfect gift for your loved one. But do you ever get the feeling that you’ve been there, given that? As you start thinking about the inevitable stand-by offerings of chocolates, flowers or jewelry, it’s easy to feel that you’re just going over old ground.

So what do you do when the traditional Valentine gift ideas just won’t cut it? Maybe finding the perfect present isn’t necessarily a question of branching out into totally new territory – just finding ways to give a new slant to a familiar notion. And if there’s truth in the old adage that ‘it’s the thought that counts’, an imaginative and thoughtful gift is going to express your feelings a lot better than just a ritual outlay of moolah.

Perhaps one reason why the gift shopper’s mind keeps coming back to the tried and tested solutions is the recurrent imagery of Valentine’s Day. Hearts and flowers are likely always to have a romantic association, and its various shades of red suggest love and fiery passion. So if there’s little point in re-inventing the wheel, why not look for a different angle on those classic Valentine goodies?

Let your fantasies bloom: you know your inamorata loves flowers – but don’t just settle for the same old red roses. happy valentines day 2018Find a new way to make those blossoms work for you! Surprise her with flowers in her car, or scatter petals over the surface of the bath water. Charm your love with chocolate: if your beloved has a sweet tooth, a gift of chocolate may be just the thing to bring delight. Gourmet candy, if you wish – but what about a romantically themed board game with chocolate prizes, or some chocolate body tattoos? Bring on the bling: a present of jewelry is a time-honored way for lovers to express their feelings. Consider giving it an ethical twist with a gift that incorporates certified conflict-free diamonds, recycled vintage materials or other eco-friendly designs.

Succumb to the lure of lingerie: sexy underwear may be a turn-on for guys, but make sure it’s something she actually wants to wear. And underwear isn’t just a gift option for girls! Whether your man likes boxers, briefs or something more exotic, check out some of the luxury lounge wear or PJs for a special treat for him. Aim for the feel-good factor: look for charities, auction events and environmental groups that offer the opportunity to give socially-conscious gift. Some of these send a Valentine card to the person of your choosing in recognition of your donation – a gift with real heart!